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Thame Wombles invited residents to join them, and pick up litter around the community from 9am - 12pm on Friday 18th February 2021.

The Wombling began at Lord William's School, and we were assisted by our sponsors Bucks Recycling Ltd and Thame Freight, where participants were greeted by some fellow Wombles as they arrived.

All bags were deposited in the Bucks Recycling lorry, which was waiting on the upper school/sports centre car park between 11.30 am and 12 noon.

It was an absolutely amazing effort, with a total of 138 bags collected, plus the 30 bags collected by the Towersey group the week before. Extra to the bags were car parts (lots of them), road signs, a wooden palette, wooden blind, big plastic containers, buckets, cones, a bag of sand, etc. etc.


The combined total was 1.6 tons (which is about the same weight as a mid size car)!!!  


Our second event came at a point when we were being encouraged to move out of our homes , and participate in activities outside, following the rule of 6 people. It was the end of the Easter school break, and we expected smaller  numbers than our first.


It was going to be interesting to see how much rubbish would be collected, and a measure of Thame Wombles success would be a much smaller load than the previous.

We were not disappointed, despite a smaller turnout, we still collected around 0.5 tonnes, and this event marked the return to a more normal lifestyle, and the end of large amounts of heavy waste.


SODC/Biffa Waste and Recycling team are offering their own bags, litter picking equipment and free bag collections for the future. (please refer to our information page), which will mean that litter collected around Thame and District will be more manageable, on a regular basis.


We remain thankful to  Bucks Recycling Ltd for giving us the opportunity to remove our excess rubbish, in a swift and efficient way, following targeted wombling projects.  

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