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Aylesbury Wombles was formed in June 2019 by Abigail Walker, a then 14-year-old, after learning about the Environment at school which inspired her to start litter picking.

After a litter pick with her Dad Richard, she wondered if they could gather together a group of people who wanted to make Aylesbury a greener, cleaner and better place to live……so the Aylesbury Wombles was born.

Thame Green Living

Adopted unanimously by Thame Town Council in July 2020, the Green Living Plan is a ten-year plan for a cleaner, greener Thame.


It has been developed to protect and enhance quality of life for everyone locally in the things that really matter – our air, our water, our overall well-being and the natural world that surrounds us. It has benefited from the contributions of many individuals and local groups, with the development led by the RSA Thame Group.


While concentrating on Thame, the plan explicitly recognises the vital importance of the town’s links with its surrounding communities and countryside.

21st Century Thame.jpg

21st Century Thame

The story of 21st Century Thame begins in 2003.


Following a Market Town Health Check, a town-wide partnership was established, driven by a committed group of local volunteers (some representing local organisations), together with representatives of the Town and District Councils.


The group was motivated by a passion to ensure that Thame prospered and remained viable as a social, cultural and economic centre – at a time when many high streets were struggling and starting to see footfall diminishing.


From these beginnings, after moving through various formative stages, 21st Century Thame was born.


21st Century Thame has continued to thrive, working hard to communicate their vision to the whole community, engaging others who were also passionate about implementing this vision. As a result of all their hard work, they have been instrumental in developing and implementing projects and ideas that have helped to continue to achieve their vision, year on year.

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